Case Study: Harsh Outdoors Eaton, CO

Tia Robinson | 05/23/2019


Harsh Outdoors is committed to the prospect that your work is FUN and your FUN is OUTSTANDING. Their football-field sized showroom is built to house all the accessories for the huge variety of vehicles, equipment and gear to have fun and get the job done.

One unique point about the team at Harsh is that they customize the buying experience and the product recommendations to best fit the unique needs of each customer. They foster a relationship with their customers to help ensure whatever they buy fits all their needs.

Because that unique, hard-working, relationship-building atmosphere is part of their culture at the dealership, the folks at Harsh Outdoors want to ensure their marketing and digital presence mirror that as well, most importantly that their website shows who they are and how they are able to serve their customers.


Jim Brown, the Dealer Principal, wanted to take his generic website and create something that – like his team – would wow their customers. So, he chose Firestorm Websites by PSM Marketing that enabled him to have a totally custom web design, not something bland and cookie-cutter, while using a format that was proven to generate leads.

Harsh Outdoors has huge and eclectic selection of products and brands that they offer for all outdoor enthusiasts. It was important to the team that those were all clearly displayed on the new website, while maintaining a clear, easy-to-navigate, experience for his customers.

And, Jim recognized that the primary function of his website was to generate leads for his team, so the Firestorm Website platform created a win-win opportunity for him.



By creating a streamlined browsing experience with a clean, clear call-to-action, the team at Harsh Outdoors has seen a 1,000% increase in leads for the past 10 months, compared to the same 10 months the year prior.

Nope. That’s not a type-o. That’s a One Thousand Percent increase in leads on the Firestorm Website platform….on average (that means some months saw an even larger increase).

The transition to Firestorm Websites by PSM Marketing allowed Jim and his team to show their Huge selection of product types, while keeping their site clean and easy to navigate. They also get to have a fully customized design that illustrates the culture of their dealership and, best of all, keeps the sales team busy following up on leads and generating sales for the dealership.

Now, a 1,000% increase in leads may not be typical for every dealership, most Firestorm Website clients do see an average of 30% increase in leads year-over-year. Would your dealership benefit from breaking out from the crowd and having a site that was built to generate higher quality and quantity leads for your sales team? Want to see what makes the Firestorm Website platform different? Give us a call today for a FREE demo: 877-242-4472 or learn more online:

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