DID YOU KNOW? Firestorm Email with Automatically Linked Title Sections

Tia Robinson | 10/22/2020

Which of these benefits is the NUMBER ONE purpose of Email Marketing?

A.    Get Your Name “Out There”

B.    Share Cool Stuff With Your Customers

C.    Send Promotional Information

D.    Drive Traffic To Your Website

E.    Make the OEMs Happy


While email marketing can (and often does) all of the above very well, the Primary Purpose of Email Marketing is to:  

D. Drive Traffic To Your Website

The ROI on email marketing is astounding…IF it keeps that main goal front-of-mind while building an email.  Our Firestorm Email Software makes sending emails and generating a huge ROI fast and easy. Plus, our creative graphics allow you to send Kick A$$ emails that don’t just look good, but do their job (driving traffic to your site) really well. 

Each one of the hundreds of themes available are pre-loaded with title sections that link to specific pages on your website automatically such as:

•    Homepage
•    New Inventory
•    Used Inventory
•    Parts & Accessories
•    Apparel
•    Service
•    Events

This ensures that every email created, will effectively drive traffic to targeted pages of your website. 

Are you using an email marketing software that was designed specifically for dealerships?  Does your email software include powerful traffic-boosting features like integrating with your website – which leads to conversions and ultimately sales?

If you want to see what makes Firestorm Email such a dynamic Email Marketing Software, call or text us at 770-692-1750 for LIVE Demo today.