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Over 200,000 Impressions & 6,000 Clicks for $600

Eric Pedretti | 11/25/2020

It has been one crazy year! Who knew it would take a pandemic to create record months? A few short months ago when Governors were closing businesses down, we all thought our industry might really be in trouble. And then the opposite happened. Families skipped their normal vacations, found a few extra bucks in their pocket from the government and said screw it, let’s go buy a SxS, a motorcycle, a boat or an RV. So instead of going out of business, the average dealer was overwhelmed with demand like they’ve never seen before and now most dealers are out of inventory. Crazy. 

To help dealers combat this rollercoaster of a year, we rolled out our new ‘Integrated Display Marketing program’. It’s designed to truly roll with the punches and specifically address the four greatest needs of a dealership’s business each and every month. We found a few major opportunities that existed this year for the average dealer. Most dealers’ digital advertising was fragmented…web banners on the website didn’t match the YouTube ads, which didn’t match social media posts, which didn’t match the remarketing they were running and everything was simply pulling in different directions. But to be fair, unless you had a full-time marketing manager who doubled as a graphic artist, happened to be Facebook & Google Certified Expert and had hours and hours to devote to ensuring everything online was pulling in the same direction every single week while you were dealing with unprecedented demand…it probably wasn’t the highest item on your priority list. 

The pandemic didn’t just create crazy demand, it also created crazy opportunity in social media marketing. You had the perfect storm of less businesses advertising on social media (due to COVID) and more people spending more time on social media than ever before (due to COVID) which created the perfect opportunity to get massive advertising results for a very limited expense.

Like the title said, we’ve had multiple clients get over 200k impressions exclusively to their buying base of past customers and a look-alike audience in their market (AKA their competitor’s customers who buy what they sell, live in their backyard, but haven’t bought from them yet) and over 6,000 clicks to their website for less than $600 in one month. If you would’ve told me at any point in the past half decade that was possible, I wouldn’t told you you’re crazy. 

With that type of fire power, our Integrated Digital Marketing Program helps dealers fix their ever-evolving challenges by changing each month based on the up-to-date needs of their business. You pick up to four categories each month that you need to focus on and you set the budget; we take care of the rest. Our in-house graphic artists create artwork for each of your four categories to display across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Google’s Display Network which requires dozens of different shapes and sizes. They also create web banners featuring those same categories for your website. Next, our in-house digital marketing experts go to work managing those four individual campaigns across four platforms targeting your buying base, with individual budgets and geo-targeting so you get the maximum results possible. Once they leave your website, we remarket to them with the same ad that brought them to your website initially. This ‘Be Everywhere’ strategy pushes folks through the sales funnel faster so you can sell more of everything.

Service down? Let's push service this month. MotorClothes/Apparel off? Let's focus one of your four categories on PG&A. Inventory shortages? Our clients are buying better units at costs well below the auction from customers and prospects in their backyard that they can turn around and make a healthy margin on. In-fact, we helped a dealer in Canada buy back 65 pre-owned units in 6 weeks using this program. Another dealer in New York bought back 35 units in one month. Another in Detroit has been running these campaigns for the past three months and all three dealers are the only dealers with any inventory in their markets. Check out some real results from dealers just like you across North America and call or text us at (770) 692-1750 to learn how we can help you specifically address the four greatest needs of your business each and every month. Happy selling.




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Understanding the Difference Between Search vs. Interrupted Digital Ads

Rod Stuckey | 11/11/2020

We’ve worked with well over a thousand dealers of all sizes and brands in every corner of the country and  often get asked the question:  “Should I do Facebook or Google, Instagram or You Tube, Search or Display and Re-Targeting?”  This all gets pretty confusing with so many generic terms like Pay Per Click and Digital Advertising.

Below is some clarification as well as a list of pros and cons with a different perspective on how to answer that overwhelming question. 

1.    Search Advertising: This is primarily Google Ads and is your basic sponsored listing that shows up when someone searches in Google (Formerly AdWords - I’m going to leave out Bing and Yahoo for the sake of this article because Google is the 800 pound gorilla). 

•    Hot Traffic from current in the market consumers.
•    Excellent source to conquest new in the market consumers who haven’t done business with you in the past. 
•    Low funnel leads with higher conversion opportunity. 

•    Arguably you’re paying for traffic you could have gotten for free through organic. 
•    Often shopping for the best price.
•    Because of its auction type bidding, can get pricey in competitive areas. 

2.    Interests / Interruption Advertising: Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, Google Display Network and YouTube. *Side note: Facebook owns Instagram and Google owns YouTube. 

•    Warm traffic that found you while not really planning to.
•    Users are seeking an escape on this media and your products provide an escape. 
•    Typically very affordable.
•    May not currently be in the market. (Higher Funnel Lead Opportunity)
•    Less likely to convert into an actual lead on your site. 
•    Potentially paying for wasteful clicks. 

With regards to Search ads, by now you’re likely familiar with the common KPI’s of impressions, clicks, click through rate, conversions, and conversion rates. And, that’s all good stuff.  It’s refreshing to pay for advertising and have some data to back up your decision. However, all clicks and conversions are not equal and unfortunately we don’t have uniformity in how these metrics are being calculated. So, it can be difficult to compare apples to apples with your dealership’s results and your peers in a 20 group. 

For starters, how many of your clicks and conversions came from your Dealership’s name searches versus those who directly search for the year, make, model of their interest. Anytime you must “pay per click” for your dealership’s name, you can’t help but wish you’d have gotten that same click for free from the Map Pack or your organic listing. They may have just been looking for your phone number to call and check on their parts on order  or unit in service, and therefore you haven’t really earned a positive ROI on that paid click. In contrast, the person who is in the market for a new unit, has no real loyalty or affiliation with a local dealer and is just searching for a 2021 Polaris Ranger - Now that’s a click and a conversion your happy to pay for. 

For the record, I’m not saying that paying for clicks to your own dealership is all bad, it really is a dealer preference and budget decision. Many metro markets are super competitive, and some are downright ruthless. 

Then there is the interruption marketing. This can be with Facebook and Instagram paid ads and boosted posts, as well as on YouTube and the Google Display Network, which are those annoying pop up ads on the weather channel, Fox News, and other high traffic media sites.  These are paid ads that don’t typically convert as well as search, but they do get a lot of clicks to your site for a very reasonable ad spend. 

Because FB and IG are closed loop universes, they have tons of demographic and psychographic data on their users likes and interests and therefore can serve up ads that are almost creepy they are so relevant. Google’s getting better and better at interruption marketing on their platforms as YouTube continues to capture more interest information from its user base.  It’s also possible to build lookalike audiences and even upload your email lists to make your campaigns perform better. 

And this brings me to re-targeting, also known as re-marketing, whereby your ads are served up to those who have visited your website. These ads are sometimes referred to as stalker ads, but in reality, are highly targeted with zero waste unless the customer has already purchased from you. Conversions from re-targeting are usually low funnel. 
But, here’s where things get tricky for dealership specific search and interruption marketing. What most consider to be Google and Facebook advertising is simply building out a few generic ads, set the budget and geo-targeting, and then letting them run all month long usually routing the traffic to generic pages (which only create high funnel conversions).  

This works and gets solid results, but there is a much better way. 

We call it Dynamic Inventory advertising. With Dynamic search we download your website inventory every night and programmatically build an ad for every unit that links directly to the vehicle details page of that unit. So, if you have 250 units in stock, you have a custom ad for each of those rebuilt every night with landing pages completely relevant to the person’s search; therefore, making it a much lower funnel conversion. 

We’re also dialing in Dynamic Advertising for interruption marketing within FB, IG, and the Google Display network through re-targeting. So when a customer visits your website and views a specific vehicle, we then retarget them with that very unit and similar ones in your inventory through paid ads on FB, IG, and Google Display/YouTube and link them back to that VDP rather than your home page. It’s super trick and produces much lower funnel conversions with practically zero waste. 

So, to answer the question, “Should I do Facebook or Google, Instagram or You Tube, Search versus Display and Re-Targeting? The answer is, you absolutely should be doing it all because it flat out works and the results are so transparent and so quantifiable.  

You really should give it a try, and we’d love the opportunity to earn your business, so give us a call or shoot us a text at 770-692-1750. 


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Stop Getting Lackluster Results from Your Digital Marketing

Tory Hornsby | 10/26/2020

Discover a little-known multi-touch approach that utilizes only the best performing channels to increase business from your customer data base and your competitor’s customers!

If you’re like the other high-performing dealers we work with, you’re probably tired of your digital advertising. Maybe you feel like you should be getting better results, or your ads are stale and haven’t been updated in months. Perhaps the artwork and copy in your ads is lame. 

If you feel like your ads aren’t being updated or that they’re lame… guess what?  Your customers and prospects feel the same way, and it’s reducing the effectiveness and results of your budget. 

If you’d like to achieve better results, you’ve got to check out PSM’s Integrated Digital Marketing Program. This program leverages Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Remarketing so customers and prospects see you everywhere they go. Good digital advertising stays on you like a spider-monkey until you buy (thanks Ricky Bobby). You’ve probably looked at a product online, saw ads for it everywhere the following days, and ended up buying. We all have – that’s why this program works so well.

With the Integrated Digital Marketing Program, you pick the categories you to focus on. You get four categories by default, and you can choose more for small increase in your monthly amount. Most dealers choose the following: 1. The dealership; 2. An OEM (promo); 3. Parts special; 4. Service special. After you choose the categories, we go to work creating graphics and building the best digital ads that money can buy for your dealership. 

The graphic creation was a big factor when we created the Integrated Digital Marketing Program. Over the years, we’ve picked up the fact that a lot dealers struggle with whether they should hire a graphic artist. 

The need for graphic updates is expounded because there aren’t millions of people in your market area for you to target. This increases the importance of having new ads for them to see. When the small group of people see the same ad over and over, they learn to ignore you. We created the IDMP with this in mind. 

Each month you have the flexibility to change the categories or keep them the same. If a big OEM promotion comes up and you want us to move in that direction, we’ll jump on it. We update your graphics and optimize your ads monthly so your ads stay fresh and relevant. 

On a side note, if you’ve not checked out Firestorm Email lately, we have over 200 themes and hundreds of Done-For-You graphics to choose from. Schedule a demo and check our industry-leading open rates, marketing automation, and email hygiene system. It’s a really incredible tool.

Back to the Integrated Digital Marketing Program.  We invest your ad spend the very best way possible… targeting actual customers and real prospects. Nothing’s worse than wasting your budget on an unqualified people who won’t buy from you. That’s why we go after your past customers and a lookalike group of competitor’s customers. In other words, we strategically target the people who are most likely to respond and buy something from you. 

Lastly, we often hear grumblings from new clients of painful experiences with their previous provider. If you hate dealing with under-performing people at big companies who treat you like you’re just another number, PSM is for you. Our responsibility is to take care of our clients better than any other company can or will, and we take that seriously. We’ll answer the phone when you call, do what we say we’re going to do, and treat you like your business is appreciated. Because it is! Don’t just take my word for it, do a quick google search and check our Google reviews, or visit

So, if you’re interested in a multi-touch approach using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Google Remarketing that targets customers and prospects to drive results in the categories that you choose every month and provides professional management with true monthly optimizations, then you’ll love this program. 

Schedule a demo by clicking the DIGITAL MARKETING link from our website.

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Super Search

Brad Cannon | 10/02/2020

We've come up with some amazing bolt-ons to our already amazing suite of products.

An example of this is something that we’ve just released for digital marketing that is totally cutting edge.

I’ve worked in the PPC space for at least 14 years. Google certified, premier partner, we’ve been flown out as guests to their headquarters, Hell, they even sent us a Google refrigerator. I didn’t even know that was a thing…

Anyway, the point is, none of that is as exciting as what we have going now. If you’ve spent any time at all dealing with Google Ads, there are more than a few frustrations with keeping ads current, relevant, and most of all optimized correctly for the ever mysterious GOOGLE ALGORITHM. You know, the black box that can somehow, sometimes, reach out and slap you and make you invisible on the internet.

We’ve partnered up and integrated our Firestorm Websites with Google Ads for what is easily the most powerful search marketing in the powersports industry. In our business, the money is in the metal – unit sales – and because of this, it’s critical that your inventory has to be accurately advertised via Google Ads. This means that newly added units need to show up as soon as possible, and sold units no longer need to be advertised – also as soon as possible. The trouble is, historically that has been difficult to accomplish without incurring major expense, as well as a major investment in time. Trying to attempt that at the dealership level is impossible. 

Well, we’ve integrated Firestorm Websites directly into Google Ads to provide them with our clients inventory four times per day for starters. It’s automatic – no human error, no fat-fingers. Google knows what you have in inventory RIGHT NOW.

Not just that, although that is awesome. Instead of trying to crack the Google Algorithm code, our interface works with Google’s algorithm, which attempts to provide the best possible results to searches. In other words, we have the most massive search platform working to find matches for our clients instead of screening them out. This is huge.

In our beta testing, we’ve analyzed the data. We’ve seen that searchers are more often taken straight to vehicle display pages where they convert more than ever before. We’ve seen more conversions from what we refer to as “agnostic” searches. These are searches where the person was looking for the bike – not a particular dealership, and they were taken straight to the vehicle page and converted. This is huge, because those often represent conquest leads. They weren’t looking for you, but you had what they were looking for so your ad got served and converted. 

When you combine automatic up-to-date inventory listings, dynamically generated ads, and the power of Google to push you to the front of the line, our new Inventory Based Marketing is an absolute no-brainer. Did I mention that your cost per click will often go down as well? 

Display advertising and Facebook advertising are soon to follow doing the exact same thing, our guys are buttoning up those projects soon as well. I just couldn’t help but squeak about the search marketing now though. We’re working on bolting it on to third party website providers too, but with everything you get with a Firestorm Website already, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to kill two birds with one stone.

Give us a shout, we’ll get you hooked up: 770-692-1750.

Talk soon,



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Google Ads – Don’t try this at home

Brad Cannon | 03/06/2020

At this point it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that running Google ads (formerly known as AdWords) is a must. The only real question is how to actually do it. 
There are a lot of ways you can handle Google Ads management, and you have to be careful because, frankly, many of them are bad. 

GA can be very deceptive in that it’s possible to get campaigns up and running quickly. Actually, it’s pretty easy. That’s part of the problem. Easy doesn’t always equal good.
To run a campaign properly, there are many things that have to be considered. First, you have to define your objectives. Clicks or conversions? Things like geotargeting, key performance metrics, scheduling, bidding, and a lot of other variables come into play. All of them have a significant impact on cost and success. And cost and success aren’t even necessarily directly related. It’s complicated. 

I’ve seen GA management handled in many different ways, but it usually boils down to one of three ways (or close variants). You can hire your nephew to manage your campaigns, ask your marketing manager to run them, or hire a professional.

I think it’s easy to agree that someone hiring a friend/family member isn’t taking GA seriously enough to begin with. I’ve been doing this for 13 years, and I can tell you that never ends well. Usually just makes Thanksgiving and Christmas awkward. Just don’t.

Asking your Marketing Manager is an option, but often you’re just setting them up for failure. It’s not that they aren’t good, or wouldn’t try very hard, but they usually have a lot of other things on their plate and simply aren’t able to devote the time it takes to get educated and up to speed to do the best job at it. It’s not really fair to ask them to do it.

The most successful dealers hire professionals. Would you rather have an A level tech work on your motorcycle, or your office manager? You can’t just throw a body at a task and hope they can do it.
REAL success comes from the dealer principal and/or Marketing Manager setting some goals, and communicating with a Google Ads specialist what they want and expect. And I’m not talking about some Google Ads person who calls you and says they’ll do an analysis of your business, and their next call is to the pet groomer. We’re talking a real industry expert with years of experience. Like us.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a shameless plug, but we have a long history of outperforming the competition. We’ve been doing this longer than any of them. Give us a shout and let us show you how we can help.

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Case Study: Google Ads & Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Eric Pedretti | 01/31/2020

Your marketing dollars should be focused on three key objectives:

1) Capture those riders immediately in the market to buy
2) Speed up the buying cycle for those who are considering an upgrade
3) Create desire from those riders in your market who aren’t considering an upgrade right now.

So where to start?

Think about it this way. If 3% of every living and breathing soul in your market area ride, it means 97% do not and no matter how much money you spend to try to convince them otherwise, they probably never will ride. But you’re not just looking for riders, right? You want to sell units and in order to sell units, you have to find the 1-2% of the 3% who are actually in the market to buy right now. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack in a hayfield.

So how do you do it? 

One of the best ways is Google Ads. It is a reactive media; you are reacting to those riders who are searching for a unit you sell and lives in your market. This checks the box for the first of your three marketing objectives, ‘Capture those immediately in the market to buy.’ 

What I personally love about Google Ads is your ads only appear for someone who lives in the specific zip codes where the majority of your sales come from and they are literally in front of a computer, tablet or smart phone Googling a unit you probably have in-stock. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a penny when the customer or prospect sees the ad…the only time you’re charged for that ad is when someone actually clicks on it and lands on your VDP Page where that unit lives on your website. 

It’d be like asking your radio/TV/billboard rep to display your ad all month long for free and then telling them, “Every time you can prove to me my ad made my phone ring or drove someone to my website, I’ll give you $.82.” Your rep would laugh at you, right?  But that’s exactly how Google Ads works and is exactly what we’re doing for this dealer. As you can see, their ads appeared 4,844 times over the past 30 days for folks Googling something they sell and live within 20 miles of the dealership, for FREE. Of the folks who saw the ad, 611 clicked and landed on the relevant page on their website for a total cost of $501.64 or just $.82/click!

Now let’s take a look at something together. Go ahead and open up a tab in Google, do a search for your dealership’s name and read through all the results. What you’re probably seeing is a bunch of results all about your dealership all over the first page of your dealership. Feels good doesn’t it? You’ll probably agree though, if the customer is Googling your dealership’s name, they are probably already a customer, or they know they want to come see you and are checking for a phone number or hours. What about the folks who don’t know where they want to go or aren’t a loyal customer?

Now Google the Year, Make & Model of your best-selling unit. Scroll through all the results on the first page. If you’re not doing Google Ads, what you’re probably seeing are paid ads from the manufacturer and maybe from some competing dealers. As you scroll past the ads, you’re going to see the organic search results including pictures and YouTube videos of the unit from the manufacturer. Then, you’re going to see a lot of the big national sites like,,, etc. …but probably not your dealership. Why? Because organically you simply can’t compete with the manufacturer and the big national sites. They get millions of visitors every year and you get thousands. However with the right Google Ads campaign, we can level the playing field and put your dealership in front of more in the market customers and prospects in your backyard, so you can generate more leads and sell more units.

Now let’s talk about your second marketing objective, ‘Speeding up the buying cycle for those who are considering an upgrade.’ One of the best ways to do this is through Google ReTargeting. I’m sure you’ve been ReTargeted a lot in the past; you’re looking at a website for something you’re interested in and then leave and go to another site like Facebook, YouTube, etc. and you see an ad for what you were just looking at. That’s ReTargeting and it’s extremely effective.

I’ll give you an example. I was kicking around the idea of getting a new playground set for our kids this summer and every time I convinced myself I didn’t need to spend the money, I’d see another ad for the damn thing, my emotions would kick back in and finally I pulled out the credit card and bought it! Same thing is true for your customers. Stay in front of folks who’ve recently looked at inventory on your website and you will get them to make the emotional decision to pull the trigger on their next ride faster. For the following dealer, their ads displayed 215,321 times for folks who had visited their website in the past 30 days and 1,373 clicked and went back to their website!

Now on to the 3rd marketing objective, ‘Creating desire from those riders in your market who aren’t considering an upgrade right now.’ One of the best ways to do this is through Facebook & Instagram Advertising. You can proactively target riders in your top performing zip codes with the latest and greatest Rebate & Finance Offers, Low Payment Options, New Model Release Information, Demo Events at the dealership and more. Most of the riders you’ll be targeting don’t have ‘buy a unit’ on their top 5 things to do this month but they do ride and that is a huge jumping off point. Stay in front of them consistently and you can get them to click on that ad or visit your dealership for an event and begin the process of getting them bit by the bug, so they start making plans to buy their next ride. 
Below is a snapshot of one of our clients Facebook Advertising results. As you can see, we’ve generated 26,570 impressions over the last 30 days with 490 clicks for a total budget of just $142.51! 
PSM is a Google Preferred Partner Company and has managed millions of dollars in AdSpend for hundreds of dealerships for the past decade and I guarantee if given the shot, we’ll be able to outperform your previous provider. If you’re not currently spending money in Ads & Facebook, make this a non-negotiable for your 2020 Marketing Plan because as a Powersports Dealer, this is one of the best ways you can spend your first dollar in advertising. 

For more information on how PSM can help you move the needle for your business by managing turn-key Google & Facebook/Instagram Advertising, call me on my direct line at 877-242-4472 x 112. Happy selling.

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Ask Tory: I keep hearing about your Firestorm products. Are those included in the Local Web Dominator, or are they a separate product?

Tory Hornsby | 11/11/2017


In this 100th Issue, I’ll breakdown what’s offered in our Local Web Dominator, which is Powersports Marketing’s suite of digital solutions.  Here is what’s available within our different packages:


Reputation Management – It’s no secret that online reviews are just as powerful and trusted as word of mouth.  Our reputation management system grows online reviews (primarily Google reviews) to make your dealership the obvious choice in your local market area. We even create a custom review site to boost SEO. The good reviews go for all to see. The bad is sectioned off into what we call Feedback, and only the dealership’s management team can view them. (Note: We do not remove bad reviews. Call 1-877-242-4472 for more information on our proprietary Feedback system.)


As consumers view your review site they’re able to see reviews for your team members. Consumers are more likely to choose the employee with the best reviews, so your staff has something to gain by asking for reviews. This is called the Employee Ranking System.


Reviews & Rankings Mobile App – This app really drives the Employee Ranking System because your frontline staff uses it to email the customer a picture of their purchase at the point of sale. This is particularly effective in the Sales Department. Who doesn’t want a picture of themselves with their new ride shared on Facebook the day they bought it?!  This image is also saved in our database to be used for future marketing to that customer. 


Directory Listing Submission – We submit accurate data to the top four Data Aggregators to boost SEO. This includes your dealership’s name, address, phone number & website. The more your dealership’s information is consistently listed online, including your website, the more backlinks/citations it creates. 


SEM/AdWords Management – Search Engine Optimization is very important, but it doesn’t cover all the bases. Pay Per Click advertising ensures you’re on the first page of Google when prospects in your area are searching for what you sell. 


Facebook Advertising – Whether you’re looking to increase traffic to your website or grow your ‘Likes’, our dedicated team of Facebook Specialists can give you the biggest bang for your buck. 


Firestorm Email System – Our email platform is an easy to use drag-and-drop solution that includes done-for-you content that’s cool & creative. It’s not built for Nancy’s Bakery & Carl’s Shoe Store... it’s built for you. It generates higher open rates and more clicks. In fact, when clients use Firestorm Email as prescribed it quickly becomes the top source of traffic to your website! 


Firestorm Onboarding – I’ve written about this subject a lot lately because the amount of leads/sales/revenue this solution can produce is ridiculous. First, let’s cover the challenge. 75% to 80% of your websites page views are of your inventory. Sweet, right?! The gut punch is that only 1% to 2% of visitors fill out a Quote Request form.  This means 98% (+) of your traffic remain anonymous, including what is likely thousands of customers browsing your in-stock inventory. Website providers have solely focused on improving Conversion Rate, which increases the smaller 1% to 2% number. There is obviously nothing at all wrong with that, but even if you doubled to 4% (which ain’t likely) there would still be 96% that remained anonymous.


Firestorm Onboarding begins linking the customer data you have in your DMS with anonymous website visitors. Every morning, we email you a list of the customers who were on your website yesterday looking at inventory. The system automatically sends those customers a pre-built email from your Sales Manager (Marketing Automation), and we provide a script for your sales people to call and make sure the customers received the email. GUARANTEE: Use this system as prescribed and you will earn multiple unit sales within the first 2-weeks. 


Firestorm Websites – Ever heard of Marketing Incest?  It’s where one company copies another company’s marketing, who copies another company’s marketing and things just keep getting dumber and dumber. I believe this has happened with many website providers. The Firestorm Website platform is different:


• Increased Conversion. Again, there’s nothing wrong with improving a site’s Conversion Ratio, and we do it without focusing on price. Having a ‘Quote Request’ button is the equivalent of asking customers if they’d like a discount when they walk through your front doors. 


• Fully Responsive Design.  boosts SEO / page rank because it improves usability by creating a consistent experience for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. 


• SSL Security Certificates. Google boosts page rank for sites that utilize HTTPS. 


• Inventory Integration with VIN Decoding. We pull inventory straight from your DMS saving you time and money on data entry. Then, the system loads the details and specs of each model by decoding the VIN. 


• Mobile App Back Office. Enables you to instantly add multiple images of your inventory from your mobile phone while standing on the showroom floor. Includes access to the Internet Lead Manager and more. 


• Lead Manager. Track progress of leads (sales process), log calls, set follow-up reminders, and more.


As of late, I’m noticing a trend of dealer’s inquiring into the solutions with the Firestorm nomenclature, and for good reason. Firestorm Websites, Firestorm Email & Firestorm Onboarding fit together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. In fact, they were made to complement each other.


For a low-pressure demo of any of our solutions, or to learn more about packages & pricing, call 1-877-242-4472.


- Tory

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