Super Search

Brad Cannon | 10/02/2020

We've come up with some amazing bolt-ons to our already amazing suite of products.

An example of this is something that we’ve just released for digital marketing that is totally cutting edge.

I’ve worked in the PPC space for at least 14 years. Google certified, premier partner, we’ve been flown out as guests to their headquarters, Hell, they even sent us a Google refrigerator. I didn’t even know that was a thing…

Anyway, the point is, none of that is as exciting as what we have going now. If you’ve spent any time at all dealing with Google Ads, there are more than a few frustrations with keeping ads current, relevant, and most of all optimized correctly for the ever mysterious GOOGLE ALGORITHM. You know, the black box that can somehow, sometimes, reach out and slap you and make you invisible on the internet.

We’ve partnered up and integrated our Firestorm Websites with Google Ads for what is easily the most powerful search marketing in the powersports industry. In our business, the money is in the metal – unit sales – and because of this, it’s critical that your inventory has to be accurately advertised via Google Ads. This means that newly added units need to show up as soon as possible, and sold units no longer need to be advertised – also as soon as possible. The trouble is, historically that has been difficult to accomplish without incurring major expense, as well as a major investment in time. Trying to attempt that at the dealership level is impossible. 

Well, we’ve integrated Firestorm Websites directly into Google Ads to provide them with our clients inventory four times per day for starters. It’s automatic – no human error, no fat-fingers. Google knows what you have in inventory RIGHT NOW.

Not just that, although that is awesome. Instead of trying to crack the Google Algorithm code, our interface works with Google’s algorithm, which attempts to provide the best possible results to searches. In other words, we have the most massive search platform working to find matches for our clients instead of screening them out. This is huge.

In our beta testing, we’ve analyzed the data. We’ve seen that searchers are more often taken straight to vehicle display pages where they convert more than ever before. We’ve seen more conversions from what we refer to as “agnostic” searches. These are searches where the person was looking for the bike – not a particular dealership, and they were taken straight to the vehicle page and converted. This is huge, because those often represent conquest leads. They weren’t looking for you, but you had what they were looking for so your ad got served and converted. 

When you combine automatic up-to-date inventory listings, dynamically generated ads, and the power of Google to push you to the front of the line, our new Inventory Based Marketing is an absolute no-brainer. Did I mention that your cost per click will often go down as well? 

Display advertising and Facebook advertising are soon to follow doing the exact same thing, our guys are buttoning up those projects soon as well. I just couldn’t help but squeak about the search marketing now though. We’re working on bolting it on to third party website providers too, but with everything you get with a Firestorm Website already, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to kill two birds with one stone.

Give us a shout, we’ll get you hooked up: 770-692-1750.

Talk soon,